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Precious Sourcing Agents is a specialist sourcing and tender agency. We provide professional procurement services helping the government procure services from suppliers around the world. We work with our clients to identify and deliver high goods and services to the government; whilst producing significant cost savings, contributing to an improved bottom-line financial performance of your business.

Our primary clients are private and public organizations in Africa that want to purchase large ticket goods and services from UK, European, American and Asian markets.

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Buying gold has always proven to be a good long-term investment for most people since it has never lost its value and can be easily converted into cash when needed. It is even better if you can buy the gold at a relatively low price by taking advantage of the low prices that prevail in the market due to the large numbers of people that have decided to enter the mining business without any proper guidance or training. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying some gold as an investment, you should seriously consider buying it from us. 


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we spend most of our time seeking out the world's finest gold nuggets and gold specimens

Gold nuggets

Real gold nuggets for sale online. Buy raw, natural gold nuggets. Our gold nuggets are the highest quality & all Certified

Gold Flakes

We provide a range of client tailored services and are flexible to the needs of the client.

Gold Dust

Own a piece of East African gold today, with our Knox gold nuggets. Experience the rich history of East Africa with a gold investment

Gold Bars

When you buy from us, you can be assured that you will receive the finest natural gold nuggets available anywhere.

Gold Bullion

Large Gold Nuggets are extremely rare to find, so we are pleased to be able to offer

Committed To Provide Buyers With The lowest price

Are you in the market for the finest gold nuggets? Or would you prefer gold bullion or gold dust? No matter your choice, rest assured the gold you select is of the highest quality. And since gold is a commodity that increases in value over time, check out our breakdown on each of our gold products to help you decide what to get. We are also conscious of the surrounding mining communities, especially the miners and their families, thus we supply healthcare and education facilities. .

We Follow Best Practices

Our goal is to be your #1 source for the finest quality gold nuggets and gold in quartz specimens. All of the gold nuggets for sale on this site have been hand selected for their amazing quality and natural beauty.


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We are a gold trading entity that sources gold from the DRC, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. We offer gold bars, gold ingots, gold nuggets, raw physical gold, and gold dust for sale at the most affordable rates. If you are interested in this gold, then you can as well come to Kampala Uganda or buy the same gold online. We offer professional gold buying and selling services, with shipment to various destinations across the world. We have physical gold bullion for sale at the most affordable Uganda gold price today.


1 Clement Hill Rd Nakasero Kampala Uganda

South Africa

2367 Speers Road, Brampton


3851 49th Avenue, Kugluktuk


Please read through these procedures carefully before contacting us. 

1 PRODUCT: Au Gold Bars

2 PURITY: 96% +

3 ASSAY: Final Assay to be made at the Buyer’s
Designated Refinery

4 QUANTITY: [To Be Determined]

5 PRICE:  30% less LME [Buyer’s Destination]

6 CURRENT LOCATION: Kampala, Uganda

7 PORT OF DEPARTURE: Entebbe, Uganda

8 PAYMENT: Wire Transfer

9 PACKAGING: Safe Metal Export Boxes Suitable for Air Freight


A) Seller issues FCO which is then signed and returned by the Buyer.
B) Seller issues Sales & Purchase Agreement which is reviewed and signed by both Buyer and seller.
C) The Buyer or Buyer’s representative will travel to Uganda for table meetings and the inspection of gold, while in Kampala the Buyer shall witness all processes involved for the smooth transportation of the gold.
D) The Sellers nominated Clearing Agent shall submit an invoice covering Government royalties, Insurance, Freight, Documentation, and Professional (Agency) fees, (local charges totaling to 7%) to the Buyer for the agreed quantity.
E) Buyer shall either pay cash or wire the money directly onto the Clearing Agents’ designated bank account.
F) Once the Clearing Agents’ invoice has been confirmed paid, the Seller and Clearing Agent commences with the logistics for the freight of the gold and in maximum of 04 days; the Seller and Clearing Agent shall have delivered the gold to buyer’s agreed refinery.
G) Buyer and Seller travel to agreed buyer’s refinery to test and confirm the purity of the gold. The Buyer pays the assay costs at the agreed refinery.
H) The Seller shall send all the associated documents to the buyer 72 hours before the cargo reaches the final destination including Commercial Invoice, Insurance, and Certificate of Origin, Export Permit, Ownership Certificate, Customs Clearance, Airway Bill.
I) Final Payment, which will be less the local costs incurred in Uganda, shall be paid not exceeding 72 HOURS from the date of final assay report from buyer’s refinery
J) The Buyer is bound to pay for air tickets (first class) and accommodation for the sellers for all the time they will spend at the buyer’s destination.

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Sourcing gold from East Africa Gold Mining means that you do not have to go through the arduous bureaucratic and sometimes difficult process of documentation and verification. Given our extensive knowledge and contacts on the continent, means acquiring all the necessary permits and documents will be a smooth and fast process saving you valuable time and money.  Teams of our dedicated staff are always available to handle and solve all queries in the gold sourcing process.  Therefore contact us now for all your gold bullion needs.

We sell gold in small and large quantities to buyers globally. We are a One-Stop Company with a Full Range of Services from Mining, Processing, Refining, Certification, Marketing, Testing, Storage, Export and Transportation. We have developed a network of related Service-providers that enable us to fully satisfy our clients without the client lifting a finger. In addition, we offer logistical support to our clients in form of Visa Acquisition, Inland Transfers and acquiring all necessary Export Licensing, so that your procurement is stress-free and seamless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, gold nuggets often carry a premium price due to their uniqueness, historical value, and the demand from collectors.

While a certificate of authenticity can enhance the credibility of a gold nugget, it is not always necessary. Reputable buyers can evaluate the nugget based on its physical attributes and provide a fair valuation.

Yes, gold nuggets with impurities or quartz veins can still be sold. The price may vary depending on the purity and overall attractiveness of the nugget

It is generally recommended not to clean gold nuggets before selling them. Natural patina or dirt on the nugget can help authenticate its originality and preserve its value.

Yes, selling gold nuggets internationally is possible. However, it is important to research and comply with the regulations and restrictions of both the seller’s and buyer’s countries.